No excuse for missing the goal

Thursday, July 21, 2011 - 15:13

Low income countries bare over 60% of the HIV disease burden; most of these countries depend on international assistance, but total annual resources for HIV went down from 2009 to 2010. The gap between resources available and needed is still high and to close this gap by 2015.

We need to raise $6 billion additional funds annually and there is a need to increase commitments for the period 2011-2020.

These are the key figures exposed by Robert Greener of UNAIDS during the 3rd day of the IAS Conference. Greene proposed potential sources of funding, included Innovative financing mechanisms, Indirect taxation (airline tickets, mobile phone usage, exchange rate transactions), Front-loading mechanisms (IFF-Im) and Advance market commitments.

But all the estimations he gave are based on “pre–TasP quotations”. Now, the question is “how much would it cost to reach the treatment as prevention target?”. Countries must discuss the best way to make treatment as prevention real and affordable and must give estimations on the costs.

But what is sure now is that TasP will result in a major market extension for the pharmaceutical industry – as stated by Alessandra Cerioli, National President, of LILA  (the Italian League for the Fight against AIDS) reading the Community statement during the Closing Session of the IAS.

Thus, continued passionately Alessandra, we need to negotiate the price tag with pharma...  we urge all of the pharmaceutical companies to enter into negotiations with the Patented Medicines Pool.  It will only be successful if all the companies get on board. 

The geographic scope of these licensing agreements must include both LOW and MIDDLE income countries. We are today more convinced than ever that our generation can end this pandemic. There will be no excuse for missing that goal.