“Urban equals: The musical” - raising awareness about violence on campus

Friday, November 25, 2011 - 17:12

We were wowed by the talents of a group of 8 students from 2 universities in Liberia, along with speeches, poems and songs from other Liberian artists at a concert held to raise awareness about violence in urban spaces in Liberia.

The students performed a show that was co-organised by ActionAid Liberia and partners. For me, the highlight was how the students themselves wrote a whole script that pulled out all of the issues in the report, including rape on campuses, sexual harassment, abuse of power by professors across all three campuses who were accused of requesting sex in exchange for grades, impunity and normalisation of these forms of violence along with a lack of sexual and reproductive health and counselling services for students.

We were joined by inspiring women who shared their thoughts on violence against women in the lead-up to the start of the 16 days of activism campaign. One of these women was Ms. Munah Pellum, the youngest democratically elected parliamentarian not only in Liberia but across Africa! The students’ talent demonstrated their potential to be future leaders in Liberia if guaranteed to enjoy their rights, most importantly - education and freedom from violence.      

Monrovia is now buzzing with talk about the concert! There’s never been anything like it before in Liberia!!!