Dianne is on the march to Durban for a better future for all

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 - 16:53

“A tree can live without me but I cannot live without a tree. If we cut down all the trees, then I will not be here. Human beings will cease to exist if there are no more trees”, says Diane who is 22 years old and studies communication at Light University, Burundi. She will graduate in two years.

The last four years Diane has worked as a journalist for the Burundian Radio BoneShaFM on a voluntary basis and she wants to use the radio as a platform to share the knowledge she will gain on her way to Durban and during the COP17 negotiations.“I want to contribute to help others to change our world for the better. The journey through ten African countries is where I - with my own eyes - will see the effects of climate change and will get a chance to meet other young people from Africa to help me to expand my knowledge. After experiencing COP17 first hand, I will know more about how to prevent damaging climate change. I will be able to use my knowledge on the radio and share it with others on the radio. The caravan will be an education for me as a young Burundian woman on how we can stop the negative impacts of climate change.

I am young, I want to have a future and I want the children I will have to have a future. This is why I am interested in climate change. In a way it is selfish but on the other hand I am sure that if we work together we can turn the tide globally and prevent the looming global climate change.

We were on our way to South Africa.

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