Rio+20 preparatory negotiations off to a tough start

Thursday, June 14, 2012 - 12:54

The first day of negotiations for the Rio+20 outcome document ended with very little progress.

Kirsten (ActionAid Denmark), Elisa (AA Brazil) and Roberto (AA Italy) were present following closely on negotiations around the Sustainable Development Goals and means of implementation. Unfortunately, as already expected, there very few agreements in these areas. In terms of the Sustainable Development Goals what is becoming evident is that the countries will only agree to the idea of having these Sustainable Development Goals that should be developed and defined in a latter moment. There is no definition on what the process will be like, what themes will they cover and how will countries commit. For the discussion on means of implementation, which includes which countries will provide finance towards achieving sustainable development, there's still almost no consensus in terms of who will finance, how will it be done and how much developed countries are willing to put aside for this. 

We are now into day two of negotiations and the part on agriculture and food security will be discussed today. This is an urgent matter for ActionAid and other organizations that are coming together to react on the current state of the text, which has seriously worsened since the beginning of negotiations.

The mention of right to food has been deleted, and there is very little mention of strengthening smallholder farmers, implementing policies that contribute to a more sustainable agriculture and the importance of women in agriculture.

When negotiations start today, we expect to have a strong reaction from civil society organizations taking forward our recommendations on how we must act to achieve food and nutrition security for all.