Taking action against harmful biofuels policies

Thursday, December 13, 2012 - 14:17
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Tens of thousands all over Europe have already joined our campaign to tell European decision-makers to change their biofuels policies. Will you join them?

Due to EU policies on biofuels, including generous subisidies, EU biofuels consumption is expected to double between 2010 and 2020. However, this is having a massive impact on poor communities around the world and most will not actually deliver the promised emissions reductions necessary to fight climate change.

Increased demand for biofuels has resulted in a rush for land in Africa, Asia and Latin America, as companies seek to take advantage of targets and cash-in on the financial incentives on offer.

Such moves have resulted in land grabs and human rights abuses, as indigenous communities are pushed off their land to make way for biofuels plantations.


ActionAid activists all over the world are taking action against harmful industrial biofuels. Together, we are showing decision-makers all over the world that people do not want food as fuels. Will you join us?