Let Children be Children

Monday, June 17, 2013 - 05:19

Today ActionAid Kenya is celebrating that Sunday was the International Day of the African Child. We use the day to remind our self and the people we work with, that we have to end the social practices that harm children. We celebrate on school to mark the continuing need for improvement of education to African Children.

The day is marked several places across Kenya. At Nyarongi Primary School in Western Kenya, we celebrate children’s right to be children. We focus on the importance of involving children in their own issues. Children develop through their imagination and by exploring the world around them.

ActionAid works to unfold the potential of children as change makers. Youth, affected by poverty and marginalization, are leaders in their own right with the potential to influence their peers and shape their future. We work to build movements of young people with capacity to articulate and demand their rights. We raise children’s awareness of human rights and their ability to fight poverty and injustice.

Long distances to school, insecurity, curriculum irrelevant children’s need, early marriages, cultural beliefs, attitudes, and practices have hampered achievement of the right to education. Significant weaknesses in the management of the sector at national level including corruption have compromised effective deployment of resources.

The event at Nyarongi Primary will also be used to highlight widespread Violence against children, domestic violence against women, the rise in child neglect cases, disinheritance of orphans, high drop out of children in schools and limited children participation in decision-making structures. The event includes speeches, a procession walk, and an Award of Gallant Child Rights champions. CARD, Life for Children Ministries, Plan International, CEPAD, are among the other participants.

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