Activistas get ready!

Monday, August 19, 2013 - 17:51

This year's Activista forum has kicked off with a lot of energetic discussions, debates, story telling and fun in between times (as you can see in the video above!). With a mix of new faces and 'old pros' making up the group, today was devoted to looking at the activism and projects we are doing around the world at the moment - and what our ambitions are for the future.

We celebrated our international strategy, which Activistas developed together and lays out how we are going to achieve our ambition of getting five million young people campaigning for change together.  We are ambitious - and now we are fully positioned to achieve those goals! And with brand new Activista group in the Arab region, Liberia, Milawi and Tanzania, we are growing in strength all the time. 

We heard then from Marcelo, the Activista Coordinator for Brazil pictured below, who spoke about the huge movement of young people that have been turning out on the streets of Brazil, protesting. The main issue being protested, he explained, is the money being diverted to the Olympics and World Cup away from public services. Most of the people in the streets are youth.  So how can Activista work with them?

The answer is, we can work in solidarity with the protests, taking our message of youth empowerment to the streets and advocating non-violence.
This inspired the next sessions, sparking lively discusions on how we can work safely with volunteers, and how we can support each other in different countries by always sharing our plans and crowdsourcing creative responses to the challenges we face. As Marcelo showed, what happens in Brazil can educate Activistas everywhere!

As the afternoon sessions developed, we looked at how we can be better at sharing our plans and lessons, making sure that our movement of volunteers are fully supported to campaign for change on land rights, Tax Power, Safe Cities and more.

As you can see from the picture below, there were lots of smiles as we came up with ideas for our trainings, networking with universities, social media campaigning and more in countries from Kenya to Jordan.

File 19286Activistas at the 2013 forum develop ideas on strategy, trainings and more.

All in all, a cracking start to the week! Finishing up with dinner card games, we're all set for tomorrow. We will keep you posted!