Tax pays for...

Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 16:32

Today, participants of an ongoing Social Media Course at the Global Platform Nairobi used Video to capture the possibilities of a perfect world if all companies paid their Taxes, for Blog Action Day 2013.

Tax pays for Ninjas: a creative short video that shows the ideal world IF all companies paid taxes. This revenue would be channeled to enhance Human Rights at the most basic level including education, health and better access to clean water

World with Possibilities: Set in Swahili, it highlights what Tax pays for in Kenya: Education, Health and Infrastructure 

Taxs pays for? Explores opportunities of having qualified staff, good facilities and a better education with a light symbolising Hope to have this environment in Kenya! 

And Anders Kernel and I also shared something via Vine Thanks to Michael Kamande for the patience with the Camera!

Global Platform Nairobi is part of Global Network of Youth Training hubs which focuses on empowerment and activism.