Who are Activistas?

Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 04:34

                       Guest blog post from Oyin, Activista Nigeria.

Youth and Change. The youth no longer take a back seat when development is being discussed, we no longer leave the future to the “elders” because in reality it is our FUTURE, and it's about time we got actively involved in the building and possibly rebuilding of our society.

When youth come together with the aim of putting the world in a better place, there is magic and bliss in the act.

The sheer hope and energy present on the faces of Activistas from all over the world at the three day summit in Siem Reap Cambodia is breathtaking. Yesterday the 16th of June was the first day of the summit, with two more days to go, the world can heave some sigh of relief that the youths have taken up responsibilities for their societies.  You are probably unclear on who Activistas are? Read on! 

As Activistas we are change innovators. We cannot keep quiet in the face of injustice; it simply isn't in our DNA. Activistas are constantly seeking improvement and uplift of their environment. Like the humming bird, we do what we can regardless of how big or insurmountable the problem might be. Actvisitas move together toward a common cause.

Hold on did I say MOVE GLOBALLY? Yes we do! We are a network of environmentally conscious youths who are constantly seeking the progress of their communities.

Activistas are change!