Improvement of children performance at school in karusi: story of change

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 - 17:32

Even if there are still challenges in the education system in terms of ensuring the right to quality education, progress has been made in school results.

Many years ago, Karusi has low performances in the school results, sometimes; the province was the last one in tests at a national level.

This was due to the ignorance of parents on their role in the children education. They were thinking that it was an issue of teachers, government, NGOs.

Parents did not use to follow their children at school. But now, with the interventions of education stakeholders particularly Actionaid with its role in quality education and its PRS approach, the province has made progress and this 2015 year, it occupied the first place while five years ago, on 17 provinces, it has been the last one, it occupied the 17th place , says the Karusi provincial education inspector.

As we can notice with this testimony of this young girl “My parents are very interested to me since they are members of PTAs Ruyogoro in Nyabikere. This encourages me to to succed at school and I do it. Before their involvement in my education, I had never got 65% at school, I was under this. Currently, I get more than 75%.

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In additional, I like our school newlly rehabilitated by Actionaid because I don’t have the fear to stop the lessons when it is raining. Another thing, I has enough school books for all courses, says Yvette Nduwimana, 14 years, 5 form at Ruyogoro primary school.