Improving the quality of public education in Rutana: story of change

Thursday, December 10, 2015 - 10:58

Youth associations focuses its efforts in the fight against poverty and injustice. Various development initiatives including the pig are undertaken to meet the needs of young people and increase their level of leadership , Jeanine Ndayishimiye, 18 years is very happy already supported by ActionAid Burundi.

STORY OF CHANGE – Quality public education.

The school of the town of Giharo accuses glaring problems which are not accessible and adequate school facilities, children who drop out of school for various reasons mainly linked to precarious household economy hence the reason for migration to Tanzania sales workforce. Another very pressing problem is that of lack of teaching materials namely books for students and teachers specifically in basic schools Kiramvya, Muvumu Buyaga. After the problem of lack of accessible and adequate infrastructure, children are forced to squeeze into the same classroom: 80 to 100enfant per class while normally a classroom contains an average of 40 students. To this end, students are forced to sit 3 to see especially in the four classes of 1st and 2nd degree. When it comes to reading, 3 or 4 students also share one book while normally every student should have his own book and by this branch. Nit was it, the lack of qualified teachers since the curricula and teaching system change also causes another problem. Facea this, AA play its advocacy role with the ministry responsible for basic education and secondary education but also other educational partners to try to solve their problems.

At the AA program Rutana , solutions and initiatives are already set up. It has already facilitated the implementation of the Parents Teachers Associations ( PTAs ) . The main task for these structures is to take control and manage issues related to education. As an indication, these PTAs have already submitted to the AA a glaring problem of insufficient books ( already mentioned above) which it has already responded positively by providing a donation of 4044 books from all branches , ie -dire : French : 781 ; English : 549 ; Swahili 548 , Kirundi : 833 ; FCH 1333 the above mentioned schools . On the day of the distribution, the Provincial Directorate of Education as well as parents were represented ( back, left side ) . The total enrollment of beneficiaries amounted to more than 1,000 pupils.

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Incidentally, John of God Nijimbere in red t-shirt, 12 years old, studying in 5th in the fundamental school of Kiramvya . expresses his feelings about the gifts.

"It is with a great joy that I receipt the gift of books . Previously, we shared a book with 3 or 4 pupils. This caused us problems because we could not concentrate only in reading. Thus internalizing and understanding the content became difficult . But now , reading and learning will be easier eventually produce much fruit. I thank AA for his considerable commitment to finding solutions to issues of concern to students for quality learning”.