Promoting sustainable agriculture and livelihood to empower youth in Ruyigi: story of change

Sunday, December 6, 2015 - 15:32


The Twiyunge Youth Association of Rugongo benefited from ActionAid Burundi, Ruyigi program with a funding of two million one hundred and thirty-six thousand seven hundred thirty-five Burundi franc for the first round of funding. They first started with the construction of the pig farm and the purchase of five pigs out of ten planned in the project and plan to purchase five remaining after receiving the second and final funding.

Our association chose to invest in the farming of pigs following the numerous benefits this has shown in the past especially that the war took away a lot of heads of cattle and the small livestock. Similarly, the population seems to neglect the pig farming following the ignorance of its importance and some religious belief around pigs linked to religious belief”,explained one member of the association.

So, we wanted to strengthen social cohesion since the association includes all ethnic groups such as Hutu, Tutsi and TWA that offer significant advantages in the community to renounce to any action that may cause ethnic hatred. “Have noticed another lady from the association, feeling proud and secure that the relationship between members are true and strength.

This pig farming project have brought changes in the life hood of the association members.

First of all, within the association, members are united and working together sharing the same goals.The association has already received manure and agricultural activities Which are being implemented to have plants that will generate income for members but also will contribute to feeding livestock. It is important to note that receiving the funding has motivated members who are now working harder than before. We have seen change of attitude in other young adults including those in surrounding areas inquiring on how they could integrate into our association. This has led to the idea of promoting further solidarity between our association and the community.

As for the expected results, as soon as the pigs will be multiple, given the fact that each could give birth to at least five piglets on average within three months; the association has to have at least twenty-four piglets per quarter. These twenty-four piglets will be shared among other members of the association to alleviate their vulnerable situation. It will be considered as a credit to promote solidarity.

Thus the association will benefit from funds generated in the birth of piglets that were born and undertake other development projects which will lead to job creation for the unemployed but the association will assist children with school problems to continue their studies. There will also be mutual support among members if needed.

In addition, families of members of our association will see their way of life improve. It means that they will be able at least to take care of their children's schooling, health care, adequate food, decent housing, clothing, etc...

In general, the pig farming activity has many advantages in all areas of everyday life whether for members but also for the community as a whole.