The theatre as an excellent way of outreach powerful message in community: story of change

Wednesday, December 2, 2015 - 10:58

"I have not been to school, I cannot read or write, but with the talents of our children (young), theater enriches and drives me; shape me and informs me. I just learned like I was in school. And besides, you see…. I come with a radio and an umbrella !! "Remarks made by Anna Mugiraneza (smiling T-shirt drunk), 48, in town Buhiga Karusi.

Playing is acting, search, find. Playing is to let the imagination, emotions and simultaneously find a form to express and share them. The theatre as well as a game, allow to acquire confidence, life skills and values that constitute the essential challenge of a theater practice in the community.

Thank you to the "sponsors" who have supported us through ActionAid order to organize a theatrical art training for our young people in the three provinces to lead us and to allow them to express their feelings and needs and to better formulate values and go to the proper recommendations that could add value to their existing.