Village Book leads to private sector school funding

Friday, January 15, 2016 - 11:15

Su Lu Ban village in the Dry Zone identified the construction of a primary school as the number one priority during the Village Book process.The rationale was, that the children would then not need to walk along muddy or snake-infested paths to the school in neighbouring Inn Yaung village.


ActionAid’s involvement in the Inn Yaung Village Tract came about as a result of the Pakokku District Agriculture Manager’s request back in 2011 to assist with repairs to the Yinn Daing Taung dam. Since then the intervention has expanded with several livelihood and development activities.


When the Union Minister visited the dam in early 2014 he was accompanied by the President of the Myanmar Hoteliers Association. On being presented with a copy of the Village Book from Su Lu Ban and learning that their top priority was that of a school, the Hoteliers Association fund  immediately pledged Ks. 100 lakh (USD 10,000) toward the project.


File 32580local students during a class session

The school is currently with inadequate furniture and staffed by four members of the Advisory Mothers Group on a purely voluntary basis. The community is now advocating for government teachers and continuous government support.