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Does history repeat as farce?

Friday, June 22, 2012 - 12:33

Three days ago, nearly 80.000 people went out onto the streets to protest against false market solutions on one side of the town. On the other side, the Official Rio+20 has began, with low expectations of having a final document that expresses people's demands.

Yesterday, it was the last day of the conference. In the People's Summit, it was approved a final document, which had all the demands of different peoples and territories. Unfortunately, most of these demands were not repeated in the official document.

And the Conference came to an end, full of great mobilizations, in which civil society was presented in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. However, little of this, or almost nothing, was taken into consideration by the Official Rio+20, which in its final document little or nothing adresses the causes of environmental problems. Nothing more than a simple and pure rhetoric.

Beyond the rhetoric, the document makes a list of future commitments, to be forwarded by the countries. Then, the questions remains: Will our countries be committed in fact to the environment and people's lives? It seems no.

To me, this Rio +20 is the repetition of history as farce. While Rio 92 was a milestone in international negotiations related to the environment, the Rio +20 is pure fallacy. Little was expected from the official conference and this disbelief was proven over the three days.

I continue betting on the power of people to mobilize and make visible its alternatives that take into account the real strategies for environmental sustainability and social justice.