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Why young people reclaim their Tax Power!

Monday, July 1, 2013 - 13:38

Today we’re launching our new campaign - Tax Power!

Activistas and their networks are taking the lead in their local communities -  why? Because they’re fighting for their futures!

The financial and economic crises of the last decade have, and will continue to, hit the present and future generations of young people hard. Around the world youth unemployment is rising. In some poor countries more than one-quarter of the youth population are unemployed. Yet many of these young people have no access to benefits or quality public services.

Not enough money to go around, right?

Wrong. People all over the world - and in poor countries in particular - are losing out as big companies avoid paying billions of dollars in tax.

Money that should be used for public services like schools, hospitals, roads, freshwater systems and job creation.

These multinational companies are sucking the lifeblood out of poor communities with their dodgy tax practices and removing the money that should be the building blocks for a life free from poverty for young people and their communities.

Activistas have already been taking a stand against this immoral behaviour. Activista Zambia has been putting public pressure on Zambia Sugar - owned by global food giant Associated British Foods.

A recent exposé from ActionAid revealed that the tax they avoided in Zambia could have sent an extra 48,000 children to school - yeah, you heard it, 48,000!

How can you get involved?

A global movement is rising to put pressure on big companies and governments to end this madness.

Activista and young people around the globe are taking part, mobilising their friends and communities.

We believe that if we stand strong together, young people can make a difference. Not only for the sake of their own future, but also for the generations to come - claiming the right to a life without poverty!

As part of the global launch of the Tax Power campaign, Activistas around the globe will take different local, national and global actions.

Activista is leading a global photo action, showing and sharing photos of the good things that tax pays for.

Take the action now!

We’ll be sharing these pictures on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, using the #taxpaysfor tag.

We want you to join this global discussion about the importance of multinational companies paying their fair share of tax. Take a picture of what you want tax money to support. Tweet or Instagram it with your message using #taxpaysfor, post it on Facebook using #taxpaysfor and tag us @activista or @actionaid, or email your picture with your first and last name and location to us at and we will tweet it for you and add your picture to the gallery below.


Be part of the growing movement of people that is putting pressure on governments and companies to stop this outrageous behaviour.

Stay tuned for the actions coming up on Facebook or Twitter