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Guide: Start and run a Facebook page

Do you need to get your organisation established on a Facebook page? Are you struggling to find out where to start or do you need some tips on improving the Facebook page you have already? Then you’ve come to the right page.

This page will guide you through some simply step to get your page up and running. It is basically a collection of good external ressources that will help you on your way.

This has been created for the benefit of Activista - ActionAids international youth campaigner network - but hopefully it can prove useful for anyone wanting to start a Facebook page for an organisation.

In this guide:

  • Before you get started
  • Creating your page
  • Customizing your page
  • Getting strategic

Before you get started

Before you decide to start up a Facebook page, there are two important things you need to ask yourself:  

  1. Are you able to officially represent the organisation you want to start a page about? If not, contact the organisation and make sure it's okay with them.
  2. Is there already a page doing basically the same as what you want to do? If there is, get in touch with the admin rather than setting up a new one please! If your page is part of Activista, check this page [link] to see if there are existing pages for your country already.

Creating your page

First thoughts

Facebook has produced a great Best Practice Guide for Non-profits on how to run your page effectively. It’s full of good tips for beginners (and intermediaries too!) on what to post, how often, how to plan around it and a lot more.This is a very good place to start, when thinking about why you need a Facebook page and how to do the initial thinking about it.

Create a page

First step in launching a page on Facebook is... launching a Facebook page.Facebook has made this very easy. Simply follow this link and follow the step-by-step instructions: you’ve created your page, it’s time to add a lot of good content and make it look amazing.Next, we’ll give you some tips on how to get started.  

Starting a page within Activista/ActionAid?

If you are starting your page for ActionAid or Activista we urge you to invite the international communication teams to your administrator teams too. It gives you that added security that if you get kicked off Facebook for any reason, we'll be able to give you access to your page again (people have been known to get banned from Facebook for months without any reason or explanation!). To do so, please send an e-mail to Casper in Activista International ( and Tom Allen in ActionAid International Communication Team (

Customizing your page

First overview:

The recently launched Timeline design for Facebook has a lot of pretty neat features, which give us a lot of tools for getting our message out there and have our followers join in on the discussion.

To get an idea of the different features take a look at this 'cheat sheet': Cheat sheet for Facebook Timeline [external link]

Customizing page:

This video from Facebook shows you how customize the look of your page using new features like cover photo, pinned posts, and highlighted posts.

This straight-to-the-point guide goes through all the central functions on the new Facebook page layout in an easy-to-use way - a bit more in-depth than the video. It’s also a good checklist to see if there’s something you’ve forgotten.How to use Timeline for Pages [external link]Checklist: To make sure you’ve got everything right, this is a good checklist:Checklist for Facebook Pages [external link]

Need some inspiration? Check out this link to see how other non-profits have designed their pages: Inspiring Facebook Timeline Designs [external link]

Managing content on your page:

This short video from Facebook teaches you about how to control the content on your Facebook pages with new features like starred posts, pinned posts, and post date change.


Getting strategic

To become great at being professional on social media, getting started and familiar with your platforms and knowing the technical and social ground rules, is very important. However, thinking out a strategy for how what you want to achieve by being on social media and how you want to do it is crucial to become successful.

There is no one way to do this and as with all other strategies your social media strategy has to integrate with all other things you do.To get an idea of where to start when creating a social media strategy, this interactive tool from Simply Business will give you an idea of what to think about when making a strategy – and tell you how to do it:Guide to Social Media Succes [External link]