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Activista Forum Communique 2011


Since its very formation, Activista have had difficulties defining its role and responsibility within Action Aid International. Giving a clear answer to the question of “what is Activista?” on local, national and international level has been difficult as Activista was founded based on interim AAI strategies and has been struggling finding its own ground within the federation. Even within Activista there has been some confusion whether Activista should cover all of AAI work on youth or should be seen as an important but specific pierce of youth work. In light of the recent year’s success of Activista and the current trends of youth activism on a global scale Activista and Youth are now central entities in the new AAI strategy for 2012-2017. Youth as a constituency within the strategy also gives Activista a clear mandate for future work.At the annual Activista Forum 2011 in Tanzania, Activista took forward these discussions while shaping the decisions around the new AAI strategy making sure to align itself more thoroughly to the strategic objectives of AAI, but also to make sure that Activista clearly communicates its contribution to AAI, building on what Activista is and what Activista is second to none in doing. This communique will highlight the central decisions and recommendations made at the annual Activista Forum. It will clearly communicate what Activista is, what role it will play in the AAI strategy for 2012-2017 and give its recommendations for future campaigning, management and requirements enabling Activista to fulfill its role as AAI dynamic and vibrant global youth network.

This communique

This communique is the outcome of the annual Activista Forum 2011, held in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania from the 27th of November – 30th of November.The annual Activista Forum is the highest decision making entity within Activista. All Activista countries have the possibility to be represented and take strategic and structural decisions for the future work of Activista. All decisions are taken in consensus and securing active participation in decision making is the key for constructive and successful progress.