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Tax power

Tax is powerful. It funds schools, roads and hospitals everywhere. We all pay tax, but right now people all over the world - and in poor countries in particular - are losing out as big companies avoid paying billions of dollars in tax.

These multinational companies are sucking the lifeblood out of poor communities with their dodgy tax practices and removing the money that should be the building blocks for a life free from poverty for young people and their communities.

See below to find out how to take action - or learn more about how companies are dodging taxes in the animation here:

That’s why we’re coming together for a huge global action to share our personal messages about what tax does for us.

Take part in the global #taxpaysfor action

How do you want the power of tax to be used?

Show us! Take a picture of what you want tax money to support. Here's some of the brilliant photos that supporters have already created:

 To take action, here’s what you need to do:

  • Write a short message on paper or card, including "#taxpaysfor" (e.g. #taxpaysfor my education)
  • Find a location or background that represents your message (e.g. outside a school)
  • Ask a friend to take a picture of you holding the message
  • Share it on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #taxpaysfor or email it to with your full name
  • See your photo and others from around the world on our #taxpaysfor Tumblr site

Tip: Make sure people can read your message clearly with the hashtag #taxpaysfor so wherever someone sees your photo they can go online and find out what it’s all about.

Can't see your photo?

Have a look at the #taxpaysfor Tumblr site and browse through all of the photos that have been shared so far!


Sign up for the campaign

Join with people in poor communities to make sure they get the investment they need for their local hospitals, schools and other vital public services.

Sign up to the global Tax Power campaign

Join with people all over the world to make sure that communities in developing countries get the investment they need for their local hospitals, schools and other vital public services.

We will add your name to our global campaign to make big companies pay what they should in developing countries, and keep you up to date on the campaign.

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