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Dairy Association in Jawzjan

Establishment and Support of Dairy process Plot by ActionAid Afghanistan under the Resilient Agriculture and Livelihoods Initiative for Socio-economic Empowerment REALISE project.


Afghanistan is rebuilding itself after three and half decades of conflict and war. During this period, it also underwent huge stress and strain due to natural disasters like flash floods, prolonged droughts, pest infestations, severe cold winters, earthquakes etc. Both the natural disasters and the prolonged conflict ruined the economy of the country and its people. Post- 2002, the country is slowly coping with these stress and strain and recouping itself to normalcy the rural livelihood in Afghanistan has been severely affected due to 30 years of war and communities out migration in last 30 years. The rural livelihood has been affected by both insecurity and droughts and floods. The situation is no different in Sheberghan sub-urban villages. The vulnerability of these communities to reoccurrence of drought, and conflicts is widely recognized which is directly impact to family incomes.

It is very important for the vulnerability assessment to understand the development process in the villages, District and Province. All development processes does not necessarily reduce vulnerability to families low economic situation or increase their incomes. Instead, it can unwittingly create new forms of vulnerability or exacerbate existing ones, impeding efforts to reduce poverty and promote growth, sometimes with tragic consequences. ‘Win-win’ solutions for securing sustainable development, reducing poverty and strengthening economic resilience, therefore, need to be explicitly and actively sought, particularly as climate change looks set to increase the incidence of food gap, non-nutrition and empowerment and the intensity of Poverty.

Such solutions are best derived by integrating small business strategies and measures within the overall development framework, viewing business model as an integral component of the development process rather than as an end in its own right. Association  focus on restoring and rebuilding of livelihoods of the vulnerable communities in Jawzjan Province, it is focusing to analyses the village specific vulnerabilities and poverty scenario to facilitate development initiatives in a more sustainable approach.

Association is prepared to empower the communities in developing awareness on dairy process and its impact on livelihoods and how to restore and enhance their livelihoods to cope up with family’s bed economic situation.

Therefore the plan mad for establishment of Dairy Association and collect milk from community level women groups, for increase the income of poor families.


Under the REALISE project ActionAid Afghanistan has value chain Analysis the discussion with village level, District level and Provincial level Food Security Network FSN and other existing networks has done, for Establishment of Cooperative/ Association the initial resources and market availability for farmers product was the key elements and after market survey a plot for processing the dairy has good opportunity. There for Establishment of Dairy Association with Registration, training /capacity building of main members and linkage of women house holders WHH with Association, construction of Dairy process place, provide of Association office resources and semi machineries for dairy process and Packing has done.


Association id located in Ghajari village close to Jangle bagh of Sheberghan, Ghanjari One of the community under Sheberghan district or centre of Jawzjan Province,  Sheberghan is located along the Safid River banks, about 130 km (81 mi) west of Mazari Sharif on the national primary ring road Herat-Kandahar-Kabul-Mazari Sharif-Sheberghan-Maymana-Herat. 

Association Established on 14 January 2017 with Registration number 2394 in Ministry of Justice and it was named “ Jawzjan Province Dairy Production Social Association” (JPDPSA) has become a dairy processing, buyer, seller and distributor based in Sheberghan with operations across the Sheberghan centre, its  districts and close Provinces. Marketing is its core products under its brand. The association has 10 main members from 10 cover communities, these members has structure of Chairperson, Deputy chairperson, accountant, clerk and all of them has role in Structure of Board and 200 sub-members as milk Seller or women groups. The Associations product portfolio comprises a wide range of items across several categories including milk, cream, butter, yogurt, Cheese, Cream, and curd etc. The brand names within the Association portfolio are Jawzjan Dairy Association, in Sheberghan there is no other Dairy Association / cooperative or any other companies Competition, it compotator are local sellers but due to computation with close Provinces products it has a business model, call Association business model and day to day working on his strategy, policies and other relevant laws for covering the market and found way to heart of clients and customers.

Initially Jawzjan Dairy Association focuses on 11 cover villages women house holder WHH milk seller to increase their daily income, these communities are Ghajari Khana, Shobai Afghania, Ashraf, Eid Mohala, Kenara, Kahilak, Pir Mazid, Chetgar khana, Measerabad payen, Meserabad payen and Meserabad bala. And the board of Association is working to increase the number of communities and cover the most of the women.

The Jawzjan Dairy Association to make significant contribution in improving quality, productivity, profitability of Association operations for upgrading global competitiveness of Jawzjan Dairy Association in Afghanistan, Each member will make substantial contribution in Rural & Development activities by sharing experience, interaction and using dairy tools and animal farming for the benefit of dairy Association. And to upgrade knowledge, skills and information of its main and sub members through mutual interaction and training to enable them to occupy commanding management positions are it association vision and its mission are Develop, produce and market a range of nutritious food propositions for all age groups and Broad, strong representation of the collective member interests.

The Jawzjan Dairy Association has their core value and they have believe in farming and trying to make a positive difference.

By: Sayed Azizullah Quraishi, REALIZE Project Officer