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Vegetable is the most important part of food for everyone, but in rural area of Afghanistan most the people does not have access to vegetable incase of climate adaptation and meanwhile the people are not familiar to cultivate vegetable, Even they have land and irrigation but they are not cultivating.

In order to give awareness for both cultivation and importance and significance of vegetable, AAA conducted two days training about 12 variety of vegetable for 180 women to extend cultivation of vegetable in rural area and support vulnerable women to have income through this activity.

"I am so much thankful to AAA for providing me Kitchen Gardening, now I have access to vegetable and I can use with our food and also can sell to the local market to have income and support my family specially my children for nutrition and education of them, I am really happy that I have independent income now:" says Massoma (46) from Shahi village.

Massoma added:" Now I got information through training by AA on how to cultivate the vegetables so I decided to cultivate some type of them around my house based on the training that I got, I try my best to continue it for the next year and get seed by current cultivation.” To change the life of community especially vulnerable women may take time and need more capacity building in rural of Afghanistan which were not familiar with cultivation and marketing of vegetable before but the community and women are ready to bring change in their life to overcome the difficulties which they faced for long time in the past.