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Religious Scholar Advocacy for Women Rights


Male Ijtema (association) is formed through Action Aid Afghanistan, RCV project in 55 different communities in Bamyan province where Action Aid Afghanistan has already established Reflect Circles. Male Ijtema (association) are the male member of the women Reflect Circle. Mostly heads of households who have more influence in the family and community to response to the violence cases. The association’ members has taken part in a training programs thematic focus on: women rights, gender, children rights, laws and family legislation in terms of Islamic Sharia, Afghan constitutional and civil laws.

Saikh Nasrat’s Story

Shaikh Nasrat, aged 46, living in a family of 6 members and he is a member of Male association and also a religious scholar in his village. Shaikh Nasrat says:  “I knew about women rights in Islamic Sharia before, but I understood about women rights in constitutional and civil law of Afghanistan as well as International human rights laws. As I am a religious leader in the village, people respect me and listen to my advice. I advocate for women rights in religious events and ceremonies while giving public speech to the community members and also I give awareness about harmful traditional practices which lead to violation of women right. I talked on different issues such as inheritance rights, the right of women to work and earn income, education right, social participation right, rights to vote, right be a candidate and right to participate in peaceful gathering and protests. He says: “People in Dar Darakhtan village are traditional and believe in some of the harmful norms which violate the human right of women.”

He continues: “Male Ijtema (association) plays an important role for elimination of violence against women and it is a sustainable community structure to respond to violation of women right. We understood a big deal about human right of women through training provided by Action Aid Afghanistan. I am very thankful for Action Aid support to the most vulnerable community and I emphasized on my commitment for the eradication of the violence against women.”