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Food rights

Around 80% of the Afghan rural population is dependent on agriculture and natural calamities like drought that has impacted almost 3 million Afghans across 14 provinces in the North, Northeast and Western regions of Afghanistan. At present, the humanitarian community is responding to ongoing drought: an estimated 4.1 million people are currently reported as food-insecure and in need of relief support and a further one million in need of emergency agricultural assistance. 


“Drought damaged all our crops. Rich people stopped hiring me to do dishes and laundry. They are worried for their own living. I must get bread and butter for my children, so last option is to beg. I beg in the street to buy food, my children sell dung to buy used cloth for winters to make ourselves warm.” Rozimah, a widow of 39 years living in Fatih Abad village, Murdian district, Jawzjan Province.


For the first time in the history of  ActionAid Afghanistan conducted Hunger Free campaign on 16th Oct 2011 to influence policy makers and government authorities to reduce vulnerability of small and marginalized farmers through drought resilience initiatives. Food Security networks, activista and community facilitators activity participated to make it successful. The campaign started from 12 October and ended up with public hearing and On 16th of October 2011, marking the World Food Day, nearly 500 small farmers and landless labourers from Jawzjan province where AAA has considerable investments in poverty reduction rallied and gathered in front of Provincial Governors office.

The cumulative efforts resulted, for the first time in Afghanistan, government announcing 20000MT food aid to drought affected districts and increased response by donors.

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