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The impact of 30 years of war has destroyed the institutions of governance in the country. Policy work has not been seen important in Afghanistan and many agencies are only involving in-service delivery types of work basically focusing on relief and rehabilitation. 

As many institutions and the government are still in nascent stage, policy work has ample opportunity to influence the government and non-government institutions including multi and bilateral agencies in favour of poor and excluded. Since 2001, efforts have been made by the government of Afghanistan and the international communities are reinforcing to strengthen these institutions of governance. With our years of expertise of implementing local governance programmes in the region and in Afghanistan through the National Solidarity Programme.

We work towards strengthening the capacity of sub-national and local governance structures to ensure that they are effective, transparent and accountable to the communities.

We work towards promoting democratic and people centric local governance in Afghanistan.

We use networks and alliances to mobilize local civil society and communities to advocate for accountability and transparency in public finances. This is important considering that Afghanistan is moving towards implementation of its 5-year strategy plan.  We would work towards helping civil society organisations, elected representatives of the people and communities to set up mechanisms to monitor the implementation of this strategy in their areas.

We will coordinate and collaborate with different agencies and network to build knowledge, skills and understandings based on ground realities for the policy influencing both nationally and internationally as it deemed fits. It will also conduct the necessary researches wherever need arises to bring up informed policy advocacy work as envisioned by the organization.


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