Youth Activism and a Hope for Change

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 15:15

In January 2015, West and East Centre for Human Development (WE Centre) hosted  the closing event of the Young Muses of Change project, which was funded by ActionAid Arab Regional Initiative (ARI). The project concluded three months after the implementation of the project in six Jordanian governorates; the event contained many segments displaying the nine initiatives, which have been implemented in the provinces of Ajloun, Madaba, Mafraq, Zarqa, Maan and Tafila, which touched on the political participation issues and freedom of expression and gender. The event occurred in the presence of a number of inspiratory youths from the represented governorates and a number of leaders of Jordanian and international organizations.

The closing ceremony took place in the Jerusalem Hotel in Amman on 18 January, 2015. During the ceremony, WE Centre representatives revealed their work in the past four months, and showcasing a short independent film production that raised awareness in regards of sexual harassment against women in Jordan.The project aimed to invest and benefit from the volunteering youth in different projects in WE Centre to become the inspiration for change for other young people in their different environments via knowledge, which they have gained in their different training courses that ARI supported.

Each leader formed a team consisting of five youths in their governorate and gave a training course on different topics that was implemented within the governorate in question; topics ranged from political participation amongst youth to gender equality After training, these youth designed initiative in the same topic to apply in their governorates.

Murad Khawaldeh, a youth activist from Mafraq created the Tagarob initiative, which aimed to put an end to gender-based violence within the Mafraq governorate said, “Our initiative received more than one thousand volunteers. In the fourth phase, we spent four hours in the market and talked to a large chunk of society and we distributed a large number of leaflets and memorabilia warning against the dangers of gender-based violence. I’d like to think that our impact was large within Mafraq.” Said Khawaldeh. “Throughout my work with ActionAid I always felt that it was a unique experience, and I always will seek future volunteering experiences to aid my governorate in its turmoil during this period.”