ActionAid ARI Advisory Board Initiates Its First Meeting

Sunday, February 1, 2015 - 17:51

On 14 and 15 January, 2015, ActionAid Arab Region Initiative (ARI) hosted a first-of-its-kind advisory meeting, including the majority of the ARI partners amongst the Near East and North Africa (NENA) regions. The ActionAid ARI advisory meeting dealt with the current issues affecting the local communities. In addition to emphasising on the tangible and strategic changes that have been affecting the ARI offices and their partners and placed concrete methods to tackle the issues in question.

In an a region of the world where changes are common occurrences, and stability is something that is relatively rare and even unknown, the ARI board of directors created an event to better be kept with the region’s rapid changes. In the process, the ARI board of directors hoped to unite all partners under one roof, in an effort to enable better communication and bring all ideas to a state of unity.

Amongst the partners is our partner from Morocco, Ali Lagsab, who when questioned about his vision for the meetings he responded with “I’m very hopeful for what the future has to offer us.” He added, “this is a wonderful idea, an ARI meeting is exactly what we need to enable a better communication and understanding of the region.”