Kicking out wasta - ActionAid builds 'good governance' coalition in Zarqa

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - 16:10

This week, in collaboration with Local Development Unit in Zarqa Municipality and Al Amman Community Based Organization in Rusaifa Municipalities Actionaid Arab Regional Initiative (ARI) supported 10 Community based organizations to come together and form 2 governance coalitions.

One of the youth women representatives who endorsed the coalition in Zarqa Governorate Khaleda Moustafa very excited about the coalition. She said,

 “This governance area is very new but exciting because we now have an opportunity through this coalition as youth to participate in analyzing governance issues affecting us and our community and to creatively suggest ways to improve our community. Many times we are left out in many decision making processes yet we observe a lot and can contribute towards resolving them”

The coalition members immediately pointed out issues around lack of transparent and fair recruitment procedures commonly known as WASTA (recruitment through being connected  not qualified) that have seen some unqualified persons recruited for jobs they cannot perform adequately or interested in leading to poor service delivery in their areas. Issues like these they indicated they are eager to support the municipalities to address so staff recruited can offer good and quality services.

They committed to work jointly and in collaboration with all stakeholders to mobilize the community to identify governance issues affecting their community and proposing solutions to facilitate leaders address them. They further pledged to jointly guide and support public development initiatives in the interest of the public for the advancement of their community and work towards advancing public agreed upon systems that will ensure fair and ‘just’ laws for the benefit of all citizens, community participation in decision making on matters affecting them, transparency, accountability and quality service delivery.

ActionAid Arab Region’s Head of Programs Amani Hammad pledged that Actionaid ARI will continue to support citizen’s efforts through standing with them in their efforts to improve governance and cause development. She said the next few weeks are critical for the coalition and Actionaid ARI will support them build their capacity in governance and to undertake strategic planning for the advancement of their goals strengthening local governance and development.