Actionaid ARI seeks Jordan Guarantee on youth participation in political development

Thursday, September 10, 2015 - 12:31

it’s impossible for any society to advance without the youth and women involvement in the political process

In a bid to advance youth participation in the political process in Jordan and the Arab Region, AA ARI this week urged the government of Jordan to guarantee youth protection as they step into the political arena. While participating in the fourth Coordination Meeting of Local and International actors engaged in supporting the role of youth in participation in the political process in Jordan it was noted that; Despite the Hashmite Kingdom of Jordan urging youth involvement in the political process, their participation remains weak due to many factors .

 Among the reasons the partners in the meeting coordinated by Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Amman graced by local and international organizations and various government officials, Members of Parliament, Political Party Leaders and Youth  highlighted, the youth remained excluded from the political process in Jordan due to legislative restrictions,  the unfair electoral system, unemployment, poverty, undemocratic culture and practices  among a section of citizens and political parties  that instill fear in youth and citizens alike keeping them out of politics.  H.E Saleh Ersheidat Secretary General of the Patriotic Movement Party said;

it’s impossible for any society to advance without the youth and women involvement in the political process

In the meeting, the government was urged to amend legislation excluding youth from political participation, put in place a fair electoral system, motivate the youth to participate in the process, nurture good governance and democracy at all levels, address elements that fight against democracy and work closely with the media to create awareness on the citizens’ civic rights.

Actionaid Arab Regional Initiative in the meeting pointed out that;

youth and women motivation to participate in the political process calls for identifying the pull and push factors of citizens participation in the political process and coming up with strategies  that should clearly target all citizens at all levels with government taking responsibility for this in partnership with Civil society. It further suggested this is done alongside preparing the youth to participate meaningfully in the process while preparing the old generation to embrace working with youth, change and give way to youth leadership when necessary. In the same vein, it proposed the old generation equally need alternative engagements to motivate them work with the youth and hand over the leadership mantle. It called upon the government to guarantee legal and other protection of the youth as they engage in the political process.

Dr. Ali Khawaldeh Manager of Political Affairs at the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs commended Actionaid ARIs’ work with the youth through its Community Centers.He said the Ministry is committed to working with civil society organizations to advance good governance and youth leadership and as civil society continues mobilizing the youth on citizenship and governance issues, it will maintain the partnerships and guarantee youth and civil society protection to strengthen good governance.

Actionaid ARI has done ground work establishing three community youth centers, mobilizing youth and building their capacity in various areas to facilitate them participate in the process adequately.