Arab Regional Initiative

ActionAid Arab Regional Initiative are a movement of organizations and individuals working across the Middle East and North Africa, motivated by advancing the socio, economic and civic rights of women and young people.

ActionAid Arab Region Initiative currently operates from its regional headquarters in Amman, with programme activity in Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia with an additional partner programme in Palestine. We use the ‘Human Rights Based Approach’ mobilizing communities to challenge governments and decision makers to secure systemic change.

In a region that is scarred by conflict and occupation, there are additional complexities in the political and sociological sphere. One in three young people in the region are unemployed and restrictive laws surrounding participation in governance and public protest are making it increasingly difficult for people to advocate for change at a local and national level. The region is still largely patriarchal, and women make up only 15% of political and governmental bodies across the Arab States.  

We work with grassroots organizations and civil society actors that have a strong focus on youth and women in local governance. ActionAid knows that to create lasting change, the root causes of poverty and injustice must be addressed and that affected communities must become the drivers of the change they want to see.

ActionAid ARI has six key objectives:

  1. To strengthen civil society
  2. To ensure communities play a part in local governance and the decentralization process.
  3. To create economic development through enhancing social enterprise.
  4. To ensure young people affected by conflict, take part in designing programmatic interventions that ensure their immediate needs are met, as well as advocating for systemic solutions that improve their lives.
  5. To empower young people to conceptualize the mechanisms of their state and institutions that influence their future prospects
  6. To build the capacity and capabilities of women’s rights campaigns organizations.
Where we work