Community centre organizer- Madaba

Under the supervision of youth in conflict Programme Coordinator, the Community Centre Organizer is responsible for overall facilitation and implementation of activities and plans of the community center in Madaba. Applicants must submit their C.V.s no later than the of 21 Sep, 2015 to the following address, stating the job title in the subject line:


Under the supervision of youth in conflict Programme Coordinator, the Community Centre Organizer is responsible for overall facilitation and implementation of activities and plans of the community center in Madaba.


Posts supervised by the incumbent:

3.1 Professional posts: 0              

3.2 Other posts: 0




In accordance with AA ARI’s Office policy and procedures, the incumbent:

• Guide youth to design a friendly space on a focused objectives and interventions.

•  Assist youth to assess needs in their area, analyses these assessments, and map out services /critical issues, conflict type if existed.( related to the community center).

• Support youth to access public services and enhance their skills so they can engage in a proactive dialogue with official members.

• Support and guide youth in designing a strategy to operate these center on a sustainable way.

• Support and guide youth in the implementation of their initiatives. 

• Individual and group coaching to empower youth about social cohesion/protection, HRBA, etc..

• Supporting youth in identifying their capacity building\ trainings needs.

• Provide technical assistance and  guidance to integrate HRBA in their work.

• Support youth in trainings related to fundraising, proposal development, long-tern planning...etc

• Share information and support them in transfer knowledge in between them and other parties in their community.

• Encourage youth to become involved in planning.

• Supporting youth in linking with Local authorities, stakeholders and duty bearers .

• Developing and applying a transparency and accountability mechanism.

• Supporting youth in maintaining the sustainability of the center.

• Coordinate regular meetings with youth and partners from different cities to exchange experience and share any updates about the current activities, plans or any others issues.

• Improve communication and share information to ensure that youth are aware of international and national opportunities.

• Support  communication department with success stories.

• Submit monthly plans and reports to community coordinator

• Coordinate with admin and finance and follow AA financial guidelines

• Performs any other duties as may be assigned.

In case of partner-ship with Local organisations:

• Jointly implementation of activities with partner

• Empower partners to design, monitor/evaluate and implement programmes on a participatory methodologies leaded by youth.

• Train and support partners to improve change in their communities.

• Supervise/ follow up the implementation of the programmes and provide partners with needed guidance to strengthen the long-term development.

• Follow up on the financial and activities reports.

• Support partner in developing and applying a transparency mechanism

• Supervise administrative routines(purchase orders, quality, timing, budget, accounts, etc..).

• Link partners with AA head of administration.


Inside ARI’s Office:                          Purpose                                               Frequency

Regional Director                             Overall guidance                              as required

Head of Programmes                     Supervision and guidance            as required

ActionAid Programme Team Coordination and inquiries                 as required


Outside the Community Center- Madaba

Youth in conflict program Coordinator    Supervision and guidance            daily

Other community centres:  Coordination and inquiries   as required

Other AA Clusters and GP on the activities implementation level  Coordination and inquiries      as required

Working with partners                                                   Coordination and inquiries           as required

Other INGOs and NGOs operating in the Area    Coordination and inquiries           as required

Government Offices linked to the activities         Coordination and inquiries           as required



Work is reviewed by supervisor to ensure the attainment of objectives and adherence to ActionAid rules and regulations and personal norms.


A. Academic and professional qualifications:

Diploma in Social studies, Phycology or any other related field. Bachelor Degree is an asset in the same Fields.

B. Experience:

A minimum of 3 years’ experience in NGO or I/NGO field, assisting in development projects related to one or more of Programme cores (Youth programmes, Women Programmes, Community and Civil Society Development, coaching and Experience of supporting and working with young people and an Under standing of the factors affecting their lives.


Excellent command of spoken and written English and Arabic.


o             The applicants should have a positive, proactive attitude and able to take responsibility.

o             He/ she should have the ability to draft letter in both languages English and Arabic.

o             Good work organizing skills;

o             Ability to work under pressure;

o             Excellent interpersonal skills & team work;

o             Ability to maintain confidentiality;

o             MS office

o             be honest and trustworthy, respectful, be flexible.

o             time management skills

o             decision making skills

o             passionate to  working with youth

o             effective verbal, presentation and listening, excellent

o             communications skills

o             The ability to stay calm in stressful situations

E.Desirable Qualifications:

• Preferably from Madaba and it’s surrounding

• Analytical skills and the ability to prioritize.

• The legislation, regulations, policies and procedures for involving youth in community programs.

• an understanding of the cultural and political environment of Rusaifeh

•member in youth network, activist, energetic


When the minimum requirements are not fully met, the head of the programs may be exceptionally substitute part of the unmet requirements with a combination of relevant academic qualifications, additional professional training and relevant work experience.


i. Availability to work beyond working hours and in emergency cases;

ii.Has a general understanding of the office values, work context, scope, goals and functions;

iii.Aware of security situation in the Field.