Social Entrepreneurship

A total of 7.4M youth across the Middle East and North Africa, over 30 percent of the population, are unable to find a job; making this the highest youth unemployment rate in the world.

Through ActionAid’s social entrepreneurship program, we are working with young men and women to solve community problems through social enterprise.  Participants in the social entrepreneurship scheme, work together in groups where they brainstorm different business ideas that could have a positive impact on their community. Through one to one support, business development training and networking experiences provided by ActionAid, young people are able to set up community based enterprises where they can work and have a constructive impact on their neighborhood.

Through the regional program developing social entrepreneurship, ActionAid ARI's vision is to harness youth leadership to address injustice and poverty across the Arab Region. By strengthening the capabilities within the communities, citizens themselves take part in community-led action and find new sources of livelihood; providing young people and women with tools to start up social enterprise, ActionAid is preventing unemployment and economically empowering young people.