Youth Visions

Across the Arab Region, there is very little space for young people to conceptualize the future of how they wish the Arab States should be run, developed and be realized. In response, ActionAid has developed a youth network called ‘Actvista,’ equipping young people with creative campaigning skills, to empower them to make political and social change.

By bringing young people together and by establishing common visions and agendas, we are creating greater collective influence on national or regional youth policies that are affecting the lives of young people in the region.

Young people in the network gain skills in areas as campaigning, advocacy and mobilization. We support young people to advance their expertise in founding social change and arrange visionary sessions and inspirational meeting to introduce the concept of social activism in local communities.

Through our Activista network program, ActionAid is increasing the capacities of young activists, civil society organizations and youth groups to challenge and influence social and political issues. We are mobilizing youth to take sustained action to demand accountability from duty-bearers on youth-specific issues and injustice.