Youth in Governnance

The Middle East and North Africa has the highest youth unemployment rate in the world, yet very few of those young people are engaged in the political decisions that affect their lives.  ActionAid are engaging youth in the region, in political and policy dialogue and working with the authorities to ensure they understand the importance of young people taking part in decision making.

We are supporting young people to undertake discourse with their authorities about issues that matter. With many of the governments in the region undergoing a ‘decentralization process’ - theoretically the ‘localizing’ of power, we will be providing civic education and support in how young people can participate in governance at a local level.

Through partner organizations in Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia, ActionAid will ensure young people’s voices are heard in the decentralization process. We will strengthen the awareness and capacity of the authorities to develop and enforce mechanisms of active citizenship, and ensure stringent municipal and governorate level practices are applied to guarantee dialogue between communities and those in power.   

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