Who we work with

ActionAid has a vision of strong and vibrant civil societies and representative states that respect, protect and fulfill human rights across the Arab region. We believe that an end to marginalisation and injustice can be achieved through individual and collective action  initiated by the active agency of the people themselves; supported by comprehensive, credible rights-based alternatives and campaigns that address the structural causes and consequences of injustice and poverty. 


1. To harness the leadership of youth as agents of change & for the future of the civil state to demand accountability from duty bearers on youth-specific issues and equality, access, equity and gender responsiveness in public services.

2. To build the active agency of women and girls to address all forms of discrimination and injustice.

3.  To promote rights-based responses to conflict and occupation in the region.

We believe that the indignity of injustice and poverty is a violation of human rights that arises from unequal power relations, from the household to the global level. We have seen how the state, the market, local communities and families often perpetuate inequality and injustice-though authoritarianism, corruption and lack of transparency and accountability, through patriarchy and other forms of discrimination.

As a regional Initiative we have a dual identity being both a civil society actor in the Arab region and as a part of the global federation of ActionAid. We focus our resources and time on building long-term mutual partnerships and strengthening engagement with the most excluded and the poorest groups and the organisations that represent them. We are committed to finding sustainable alternative solutions to end injustices and poverty

 ActionAid ARI focus on building partners as well as a our program implemntation. Please see below more information on the organisatios we work with. 

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