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Campaigning for Australian Aid

We’re campaigning for Australian Aid in 2015 and we want you to jump on board!

One of the most critical things that Australian aid does is protect and uphold the rights of women all over the world. The current Government has committed to prioritising women’s rights internationally – and yet they’ve announced cuts to the aid program that will see it sink to its lowest level ever.

How will we honour our commitment to protect women’s rights around the world without an adequate aid program?

At ActionAid, we’re particularly concerned about women farmers in African countries who are increasingly feeling the effects of climate change: uncertain weather conditions mean that their ability to farm the land is compromised, leading to increased food insecurity.

We’re concerned about women all over the world who are impacted by the global epidemic of violence against women. This is an international crisis that will only be aggravated by the high levels of conflict that the world is currently experiencing. During and post-conflict, violence against women always rises. 

If we’re going to make the world a better place – for women and for everyone – then we all have a responsibility to contribute. And yet Australia has cut back its aid budget – while other countries like the UK are increasing theirs.

This doesn’t reflect Australian values. Australians care about justice, and about doing the right thing to protect the rights of people all over the world. And that’s what we’ll be telling the Australian government as part of the campaign for Australian Aid. Jump on board! 

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