Philippines emergency appeal

Typhoon Haiyan Philippines emergency appeal
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Millions of people have been left in desperate circumstances by Typhoon Haiyan. They urgently need your help.

It is clear the number of people in desperate need is set to rise significantly.

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In the past few days, 13 million people have been affected by Typhoon Haiyan – the strongest storm ever – after it ripped through the Philippines. The disaster has left thousands of people dead and hundreds of thousands struggling to survive.

4.29 million people remain displaced in a situation of total devastation. There is no clean water, no electricity and very little food or shelter. Help is critically needed.

Thousands of people in rural areas sit waiting for those in cities to help them – unaware that those cities have also been flattened. Children wander the debris looking for their parents to help them – parents they may never find.

We're distributing clothes, basic food and water, multi vitamins, soap, underwear and other items for women, first aid kits and building materials.

But we urgently need to help more people.

Your help is needed immediately to provide lifesaving support to help those hit by this terrible disaster. 

  • $43 could provide an emergency shelter for a family in desperate need of protection
  • $86 could provide a family with a life-saving household kit, containing blankets, kitchen utensils and a water filter
  • $214 could provide an emergency shelters to five families in desperate need of protection
  • $428 could provide five families with life-saving household kits, containing blankets, kitchen utensils and a water filter.

Your donations will be directed to our partners working right now in response to the disaster in the Philippines.

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