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Campaign WIN!

Monday, June 5, 2017 - 08:08

A massive win – Efic is backing away from funding the Boikarabelo coal mine because of you!

Australia’s export credit agency, Efic, has for now ruled out funding a huge new coal mine in their community. We've been working in solidarity with Francina and the women of Lephalale in South Africa, and have delivered the news to them. 

It’s a huge win for people power and we couldn’t have done it without our supporters!

Just think of what we can do with a bigger movement - join here.

Despite this huge win, the fight is not over and we must continue to stand behind women who are raising their voices all around the world – women like Francina. Together we can win more campaigns if you invite your friends and family to join us to build a movement in Australia for women’s rights around the world.

Last weeek, in Senate estimates, Efic’s Andrew Hunter told the committee that Efic was “not currently doing any work on Boikarabelo”. When questioned again he repeated “we do not have sufficient material for us to undertake due diligence, so currently there is no work being undertaken”.

We know that if this mine was funded it would have been disastrous for people in South Africa’s Limpopo province and for the environment. This statement shows us that Efic is backing away from the project. It’s a huge win for people power, in South Africa and Australia. Around the country we have seen thousands of ActionAiders take action. They signed petitions, wrote messages of solidarity, attended events and chipped in to support the movement of women campaigning against the greedy, destructive mining industry. Thank you so much for your support. We know we can count on you 

If you haven't already, join our network of campaigners and invite your friends - together we can build even more people power to take action for women’s rights.

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The world can seem pretty scary at the moment. The news that Donald Trump had pulled the US out of the Paris Agreement to combat climate change. It's women in lower income countries around the world who feel the impacts of our changing climate the most. But this win today tells us there is hope and together we can make a difference. We can claim this victory and as our movement grows I have no doubt that we can claim even more. 

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