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Research by ActionAid Australia finds 70% of Australians want a register of beneficial ownership.

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A new poll released by ActionAid Australia today reveals that 70% of Australians want the Government to introduce a register of beneficial ownership to track the ownership of Australian based companies and trusts. 


The poll comes just days after Labor’s announcement of their proposal for a tax overhaul – an announcement ActionAid Australia said was well overdue. This morning ActionAid Australia Executive Director, Michelle Higelin, said pressure was mounting on the Government to crack down on rich individuals and multinational corporations using shell companies and trusts to avoid paying tax. 

For too long the Government has been dancing around introducing a register of beneficial ownership, which would considerably improve transparency around company ownership and trusts, without making any firm commitments. Today’s poll serves as a timely reminder to our leaders to step up and take action to end tax-dodging and implement a fairer tax system. It’s clear that the Australian community has had enough of the economic elite in this country rorting the system and robbing billions of dollars in tax.

ActionAid Australia is campaigning for an Australian register of beneficial ownership that would require rich individuals and multinational corporations to declare their trusts and foundations. The organisation is pushing for a register that is publicly accessible.

The poll, conducted as part of ActionAid Australia’s campaign, also showed that 80% of Australians agree that Australia has a role to play globally in preventing money laundering, international fraud and corporate tax evasion.

The poll was conducted by Essential Research, based on data by provided by Your Source, on behalf of ActionAid Australia. For further information, please contact our media team