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Meet Hnin Nu Wai - clothes producer

Thursday, October 12, 2017 - 14:20

Hnin Nu Wai is 20 years old, and has been proudly working with the MBoutik producers program for 4 years.

MBoutik is a social enterprise supported by ActionAid Myanmar, where artisanal craftswomen like Hnin Nu Wai can generate a steady income through their handiwork, as well as build their skills and confidence through training opportunities and working with other supportive women in their group. Hnin Nu Wai has two sisters, and lives with her extended family in her household.

On a typical day she wakes up bright and early to cook and clean for her family, before beginning her sewing. Hnin Nu Wai is now earning a stable income through the program and is thriving in her work, but it hasn’t always been easy growing up as a woman in her village.

“In my community, they did not want to give any room for women...Before I joined this program, I always wanted to be a boy.”

But since joining the MBoutik group, Hnin Nu Wai’s perspective has changed.

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The MBoutik producers at their shop and office.


“In this program, women are respected. Before I joined this program, I did not have any confidence to go anywhere alone. But after I joined the meetings, I am more confident."

Working with the other women producers is another highlight of the day for Hnin Nu Wai. “I work closely with other women of different ages and we share our experiences. Now I feel proud to be a woman.”

Hnin Nu Wai is always excited to learn new skills and wants to continue working with the other women in the MBoutik shop, who have all grown very close.

“I want to keep learning so I can do the best work I can do.”

Partnering with Australian ethical fashion business, The Fabric Social, has meant that Hnin Nu Wai’s clothes can now be worn by women in Australia - but the multinational corporations are kept out of the equation, and all proceeds go directly to producers like Hnin Nu Wai who use their income to rise up and claim their rights.

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