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Mrs Claus’ 7 Ways to Take Action for Women’s Rights this Christmas

Tuesday, December 20, 2016 - 17:50

This Christmas, I am joining women around the world demanding change.

For at least a century I’ve supported Santa from the sidelines – I’ve taken care of the elves, trained the reindeer, and even managed Santa’s PR. But it’s 2016, and I want to drive the sleigh. I’m tired of my work not being recognized. I’m tired of being unseen and unheard.

And I’m not the only one who’s tired. Women around the world have it much tougher than me – it’s women in poverty that are the least visible and carry the greatest burdens. 

So this Christmas, let’s work together and get the message out that women want change – and not just this privileged white, fictitious woman from the north pole. Women everywhere are standing up. Don’t know where to start? Here are my 7 ways to take action for women’s rights this Christmas. 

     1. Start local

Taking action for women’s rights can begin in your own community this Christmas. If you see injustice or discrimination happening in your local area, speak up – tell your local government representative, call it out on Facebook, speak to the media. Raising awareness on issues happening locally will increase awareness of the inequality that is happening all around the world. Every small step contributes to the global movement for change and ensures that these injustices don’t remain invisibleSign up to our network and find more people who want to start local like you! 

     2. Source ethically made gifts

Australians will spend more than $48 billion on presents this Christmas – that is a huge opportunity to use your buying power to take action for women’s rights. Support brands that are transparent about the conditions of their factories and care about their workers, who are predominantly women earning less than $1 per day. Choose social enterprises and ethical traders that dedicate a portion of their profit to empowering women all around the world. Buy gifts that can drive change for women – I certainly will be. Check out one of our parterns The Fabric Social for your latest purchase! 

    3. Join a movement

I am going to create change this Christmas, but I can’t do it alone. The good news is that a groundswell of support for women’s rights is already brewing. I have been following the work of ActionAid Australia, and they are creating a grassroots movement here at home to support and empower women globally. Join the movement with me this holiday season to make 2017 the year that you drive change. 

    4. Share a story that you read online

Women all around the world have remained unseen and unheard for far too long. Luckily, you can increase their visibility just by liking, retweeting and sharing the stories that you see online.  So if you read about an inspiring woman whose story deserved to be told, make sure to share it with your friends and family. By starting conversations and raising awareness, we can make sure that every woman has a voice this Christmas. visit our Facebook page and share a story this festive season! 

   5. Volunteer

The festive season is a great opportunity to spend time with women who have been doing it a little tough this past year. Volunteering is a great way to stand in solidarity with women everywhere, so why not consider volunteering at your local refugee for women and children or homeless shelter. Giving a small amount of your time to a woman who has been struggling shows her that she is not invisible – she is seen and heard. Volunteer for ActionAid by clicking here. 

    6. Sign a petition

Signing a petition (like this maybe) is a great way to speak up and insist on women’s rights this Christmas. It’s a way to protest against injustice and show the government and change-makers that enough is enough.

    7. Make a donation to support the global movement for women’s rights.

Recently, I have noticed that Christmas has become about, well, things. And as much as I love presents and pudding, it’s time to reclaim Christmas as the season of kindness and goodwill. Instead of giving a gift, consider making a donation to support the global movement for women’s rights, equality and justice. Even a small amount can empower women all around the world to stand up and speak out.

Yours Mrs Claus x