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People’s Inquiry into Privatisation

Governments all around the world are failing to deliver public services that protect the rights of women and communities.

Everywhere, neo-liberal governments are buddying up with big businesses, rather than protecting and providing for everyday people.

Greedy corporations are dodging their fair share of taxes –draining countries of billions of dollars in public revenue that should pay for our public services. Instead, neo-liberal politicians are selling off those services to their corporate buddies, who use them to rake in even more cash – and it’s at our expense!

What is the People’s Inquiry?

Privatisation is devastating for the world’s poorest countries –but it’s also happening right here in Australia.

In Australia, public services that protect our health and right to an education like Medicare and TAFE are under threat. The Turnbull Government is determined to give away our control over public services to companies for a profit.

We all have a right to a say in how our public services are run.

The People’s Inquiry is about getting Australians to talk about the impacts of privatisation on their communities and how we can hold our government accountable for providing better public services.

Why is ActionAid involved?

Public services are the key to millions of women around the world enjoying their full human rights.

We know that when public services are inadequate, it’s normally women who fill the gap by paying with their bodies and time in unpaid care work.

We want to investigate how privatisation impacts women and their communities all over the world – and that includes here, in Australia.

We want to get people talking about the importance of public services and call on governments all around the world to start delivering for women and communities, and not big businesses.

What can you do?

You can make your voice heard by making a submission to the People’s Inquiry.

Don’t worry, there’s no need to write a thesis. It’s easy – a submission can be as long or short as you like and can be as simple as an email with your thoughts.

Head HERE to make your submission!