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Toolkit|Measuring People’s Resilience

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This toolkit, developed with the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) with support from the Australian Government, aims to provide ActionAid staff with a practical methodology for measuring women's and men's resilience that highlights the gender inequalities which limit women's resilience and underscore their vulnerability in disasters. 

It uses quantitative and qualitative research methods to assess a range of indicators that are relevant to determining  the resilience of people to disaster risks. ActionAid staff can then use this information to identify priority actions that need to be taken to address gender inequalities, and can use the findings as an evidence base for advocating positive change to build women’s and community resilience at the local level.

This toolkit is based on ActionAid’s South Asia Women’s Resilience Index (WRI) which examines the role of women in preparing for and recovering from disasters in countries across South Asia. The structure of the Index has been mirrored in the toolkit to help categorise resilience indicators, and also to provide ease of reference between the findings of the WRI and the local level research. It also builds upon ActionAid’s Human Rights-Based Approach (HRBA) and ActionAid’s Resilience Framework.

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