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Safe Cities for Women Campaign

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Now more than even women are living in urban spaces. In 2011, the world’s population reached a tipping point, going from being mostly rural to mostly urban dwellers and by 2050 it is estimated to reach 66%.

Cities are places of opportunity for women, but they are also places of exploitation and violence.

Everyone has the right to live without fear, without violence. We all have the same right to the city - to live, to work, to learn, to be mobile, and to thrive. Unfortunately, that is not the experience of many women around the world who face violence and exploitation every day.

Our Safe Cities for Women campaign aims to hold duty bearers to account to make streets, public places, work places, learning institutions and transportation safer, so that women and girls are able to share in the vast benefits of their cities. We are campaigning against the patriarchal attitudes and inequality that promote this violence directed at women. Women’s rights are everybody’s business and your voice is powerful, so we need to stand together now and demand Safe Cities for women.

Your Voice Has Power. Sign the pledge and spread the word that sexual harassment and abuse must stop, and stand up for women in cities everywhere.