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Friday, April 7, 2017 - 10:09

Join a movement of Australians fighting for justice alongside women around the world! Take action on one of our campaigns or sign up to volunteer with ActionAid in your community. 


Tax justice for women’s rights

The women we work with around the world are fighting for public services, labour rights, and rights to land and natural resources.

But Australian government policies are currently allowing multinational corporations to trample on women’s rights around the world – from loopholes for companies dodging tax overseas, to trade deals that put women’s labour rights at risk.

It’s estimated that globally, this problem adds up to multinational corporations and individuals robbing US$1 trillion in tax dollars from the public every year.

Take action: Register today to join our national grassroots campaign by “adopting” your local MP and Senators. We’ll provide you with everything you need to contact them about this important issue.



Climate Justice

Around the world, we work with women who are already facing the impacts of climate change and fossil fuel extraction and are leading the fight for climate justice.

In November 2016, ActionAid Australia partnered with a community in Limpopo, South Africa, facing an Australian coal mine on their land. We stood in solidarity with their campaign to expose the rights violations taking place. In May 2017 we successfully stopped Efic, Australia’s Export Credit Agency, from announcing funding for the mine. Click here to read more about this success story.

But our recent research shows this is just the tip of the iceberg. In Africa, there are now more Australian mining companies than from anywhere else in the world, and they are trying to build new coal mines three times the size of the Carmichael Mine in Queensland. At the same time, these projects are putting the rights of women and their communities at risk.

ActionAid is calling on our Government to end taxpayer handouts to fossil fuel companies, and ensure our corporations are accountable for human rights and environmental impacts no matter where that operate.

Take action: Read and share our new report, “Fuelling Injustice”, that exposes the true cost of Australian coal companies in Africa.



Join the ActionAid Activist Network!

Want to get more involved in our campaigns, learn new skills, and meet like-minded people in your community? Join our ActionAid Activist Network - a grassroots network of volunteers taking action in solidarity with the women we work with around the world.

We know that so many of the injustices women are fighting around the world start right here in Australia - and by standing in solidarity, we can support the women we work with to win campaigns that protect women’s rights and build sustainable alternatives to business-as-usual. Watch a video from Francina about our recent successful campaign.

We have events and groups across Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Newcastle, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast, and are looking to grow our presence across the country -click here to get in touch and one of our friendly community organisers will be in touch!

We look forward to campaigning with you!