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Friday, April 7, 2017 - 10:09

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Beneficial Ownership Register 

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It’s outrageous: every single year, multinational corporations and individuals are robbing up to US$1 trillion in tax dollars from the public, draining low income countries of much needed funds to pay for services like health and education that protect women’s rights.

Take action: Register today to “adopt” your local MP and Senators. We’ll provide you with everything you need to contact them about this important issue.

Climate Justice

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Around the world, we work with women who are already facing the impacts of climate change and are leading the fight for climate justice.

Every year Australia gives out billions of dollars in subsidies and loans to coal, oil and gas companies. At the same time, our Government has failed to contribute our fair share of international climate finance to support those most affected by the impacts of climate change.

ActionAid is calling on our Government to end taxpayer handouts to fossil fuel companies, and instead contribute our fair share of international climate finance.

Take action: Stand with women campaigning in South Africa to stop Australia's export credit agency funding a coal mine that will rob them of their human rights.


Economic Justice

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The women we work with around the world are fighting for public services, labour rights, and rights to land and natural resources.

Australian government policies are currently allowing multinational corporations to trample on women’s rights around the world – from loopholes for companies dodging tax overseas, to trade deals that put women’s labour rights at risk.

ActionAid is campaigning to our Government to put in place rules that will keep corporations accountable and protect women’s rights around the world.

Take action: Call on the Australian Government to increase tax transparency of corporations by introducing a public register of beneficial ownership.


Join the Movement

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