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Tax Justice: Beneficial Ownership

Wednesday, October 11, 2017 - 12:59

About the campaign.

It’s outrageous- every single year, multinational corporations and individuals are robbing the public  of up to US$1 trillion in tax dollars, draining low income countries of much needed funds to pay for services like health and education that protect women’s rights. That's why we launched a campaign calling on the Australian government to commit to a beneficial ownership register. This register will ensure companies are held accountable to paying their taxes. 

As part of the campaign we asked people to register to “adopt” your local MP or Senator. If you haven't signed up yet, there's still time!  

Together we want to demonstrate that a transparent and just tax system is an issue that people in their community care about. We want to flood MPs with visits, postcards and meetings from supporters everywhere until they get the message. 

Here's how you can get involved.

We’ve provided a bunch of guides below that will take you through each step of the campaign. You can also register to receive a call from one of our Community Organisers by clicking here.

  • Step 1: Make an unannounced drop in on your local MP or Senator with our survey and briefing note and a request to mee

The first step is super simple- find out where your local MP is and drop in.  Realistically you will probably speak to whoever is on the front desk and hand delivering the survey to your local MP’s or Senators staff.

You can find an overview of the campaign and first steps right here You can also download all the materials you need, including our briefing note, survey for politicians and meeting request template here

  • Step 2: Build public pressure.

After your drop in get in touch with us and we can discuss other ideas about raising this issue in your community.  You will gather some personalised postcards from people in the electorate and deliver them when you meet with your MP or Senator (see Step 4)

Book a chat with us and we can talk about the best way to gather these and other ideas for raising this issue publically in your community.

  • Step 3: Getting the meeting

Now you’ve dropped in on your MP and delivered the next step is actually getting the meeting. In our second activist bulletin you can find some pointers for how to get the meeting.

  • Step 4: Preparing for your meeting

Once your meeting is confirmed make sure you get in touch! This is an important way to track our impact and keep an eye on who is being visited as part of our campaign.

We’ve got people all over the country dropping in and raising this issue - we can connect you with others in your area. You can find guides and a sample agenda for your meeting by following this link - and going through a really simple flow chart.

Want more info? 

ActionAid (that's us), conducted a poll as part of the beneficial ownership campaign, and the results were astounding. It showed that 80% of Australians agree that Australia has a role to play globally in preventing money laundering, international fraud and corporate tax evasion. Read more about our research here

If you want to know who is really being affected by this and what a real solution would mean. Click here to read the story of Orji Theresa, an unpaid nurse and midwife in a local hospital in Abuja, Nigeria, and find out the impacts of tax dodgers, and how they are robbing women of their rights.