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Workplace Giving

Thursday, February 9, 2017 - 16:16

What is Workplace Giving?

Workplace giving is an easy and effective way for employees to make a difference by giving a regular donation through their pre-tax pay. For companies, a Workplace Giving Program demonstrates strong corporate social responsibility and commitment to supporting their employee’s charitable interests.

Workplace Giving is simple, low cost and easy to set up. It also means that employees who participate receive an immediate tax benefit.

For more information contact Donor Care and Communications Coordinator: Julie Lam on (02) 9565 9108 or email

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Why choose to support Women and Girls?

Women and Girls make up over 60% of the world’s most vulnerable and excluded people. By making a regular donation through your pre-tax pay, your ongoing support ensures long-term sustainable programs that will empower women leaders and young girls to take charge and create change.

By empowering women and girls to stand up for their rights, through education, training, resources, and bringing them together, they can create the sustainable future they deserve.

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What your ongoing support through Workplace Giving could do.

Help end violence against women and girls.

  • Providing medical, psychological and legal support to female survivors of violence.
  • Educating young girls and their families on the impacts of Female Genital Mutilation, child marriage and early pregnancy.
  • Providing a safe space for women and girls to come and speak up about their issues, empowering them to claim their rights.
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Provide training and resources to create livelihoods.

  • Teaching women different farming techniques and providing equipment and seeds to get them started.
  • Providing livestock such as chickens (for eggs) and cows (for milk) etc.
  • Teaching women how to handle finances so they are able to sell their produce at the markets.
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Empower women to stand up for their rights.

  • Teaching women and girls about their rights and supporting them as they claim them.
  • Standing in solidarity with women as they lobby their government to do the right thing.
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Lobby the government and community leaders for change.

  • Here in Australia, supporters like you have also campaigned for safer cities around the world.
  • Campaigning for the Australian government to hold multi-national corporations accountable and to close any loopholes that keep countries at a disadvantage.
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And so much more… 

Stand in solidarity with women as they stand up for their rights and nominate ActionAid Australia as your charity of choice for Workplace Giving today.

For more information contact our Donor Care and Communications Coordinator: Julie Lam on (02) 9565 9108 or

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