Financing Education

Education is believed to be a fundamental human right, the responsibility of the state and a core element of development policy committed to social justice.

The present government of Bangladesh deserves huge appreciation for putting a progressive education policy (2010) in place however requires implementation of this policy in substantial public funding for example adequate teachers, classrooms, textbooks, mid day school meal, stipend for all children and many more.

Balanced investment in accordance with different level of education (pre-primary, primary, secondary and tertiary) within development and revenue budget provisions is a must.

ActionAid makes every effort to persuade the government and civil society to increase public funding in education that particularly benefits the poorest children and adults, especially women and girls.

ActionAid’s education financing campaign urges the government to facilitate civil society actors to develop the capacity and secure the political space to be able to actively engage on education Policy process.

Campaign Objectives

  • To facilitate active agencies of rights holders to strengthen the community state interface for putting in place a demand-driven and people centered education system.
  •  To advocate for increased share of education in the national budgets (at least 20% of total budget to be spent on education).
  •  To strengthen the base for public finance, this campaign will advocate for a progressive tax system ensuring adequate supply of fund considering the realization of Right to Education.
  • To challenge the steps that support public-private partnerships and refutes State’s of responsibility for guarantying adequate finance to ensure right to education for all.
  • To challenge the detrimental roles of International Financial Institutions that hinder the implementation of pro-poor education policy and create macro economic constraints i.e. compelling the governments to expend less public fund on education, put wage bill cap when more salaries for teachers are demanded
  • To mobilize and capacitate the local level change agents (i.e. parents, students, teachers, SMC members, and other citizen groups) so that they federate and advocate for adequate finance to strengthen public education system.