Self-Defense Training for the Young Change Makers and Women Leaders

Self-Defense Training for the Young Change Makers and Women Leaders

Self-Defense in today’s world is essential. It is a countermeasure that comprises of defending the health and well-being of oneself from injury or any type of damage. Self-Defense is necessary for everyone, both men and women but especially women due to the patriarchal practices that unfortunately exist in our society. ActionAid Bangladesh believes it is crucial to provide young change makers and women leaders with self-defense training so that they can protect themselves in dangerous situations.

Keeping this in mind, ActionAid Bangladesh along with UNFPA and BACE, organized a five-day long self-defense training programme, titled “Training on ‘Self defense’ For the Young Change Makers and Women Leaders” from 5 to 9 August in Dewangonj, Jamalpur, with the aim to provide self-defense training to a group of local women.

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Self-Defense is mandatory for all, especially women. Keeping that in mind, ActionAid Bangladesh along with UNFPA and BACE organized a self-defense training programme for the local women of Jamalpur.

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The women were firstly briefed upon social stigmas and patriarchal practices surrounding gender roles and issues.

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The Self-Defense training started shortly with an initial briefing of why self-defense is imperative and its relevance in daily life.

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Various self-defense techniques were displayed for the participants to observe and learn.

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The women displayed great enthusiasm to overcome nervousness and indulge in the training wholeheartedly.

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The participants were extremely studious and picked up the techniques very fast.

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Meditation sessions were held to help the participants relax and focus.

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By the end of the training, the change in confidence, skill and technique amongst the participants was evident. They had amassed a learning experience of great value.

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The participants concluded the training by posing for a picture along with the trainers and organizers. Their faces and attitude resembled the ones of happy, confident and empowered women.

Story & Photo: Magnus Mayeen Ahmed