Start to Share, Art for Care

Artist: Shamima Akhter, Happy Home

Happy Home began in 2006 as an initiative to take care of homeless girl children by offering them a safe home to live in. It offers a safe space to live and thrive to roughly 150 girls from ages 6 to 18. Here, they are offered a secure environment to grow up in, study, interact with each other, and become shining stars of tomorrow.

These beautiful pieces will be up for auction at the event “Share to Care”. The artworks on display are heartfelt depictions of various emotions and issues, created by the superstars of tomorrow, our Happy Home girls. The money raised through the sale of these paintings will be invested in the future of the Happy Home girls. A little help from you can help us nurture the obvious potential these girls have and groom them for a future of sustainable success and happiness.

Artwork #1

File 39785Artist: Shamima Akther, Happy Home

Shamima Akther, who sat for her HSC examination this year, made this painting. This painting exhibits her sentiments regarding the Liberation war, the sacrifices we have made for freedom, and her joy at having achieved it.

Artwork #2

File 39779Artist: Ratna Khatun, Happy Home

This painting is by Ratna Khatun, who also sat for her HSC exam this year. Through this piece, she expresses concern over deforestation, and her love for nature.

Artwork #3

File 39781Artist: Tania Akter, Happy Home

Tania Akter created this painting. She sat for her HSC exam this year. Her painting with the help of various colors depicts the various moods of humanity.

Artwork #4

File 39782Artist: Kanta, Happy Home

Kanta painted a reflection of a village in a river. She is another one of our HSC candidates of 2018

Artwork #5

File 39784Artist: Shumi, Happy Home

Shumi, inspired by Claude Monet’s works, depicts nature in her painting. She is a student of class 10.