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The position requires clear understanding of Child Protection Policy  from the country and international perspective, knowledge of rights based approach, partnership management and ability to analyse social and legal aspect of violence against women and girl’s, existing laws and policies. She must have a clear understanding of developing long and short-term programme planning, project management, strategy development, reporting and documentation and willing to work with disadvantaged children. She must have networking abilities and capacity to liaise with and strengthen different networks with GoB  and  NGOs.

Advisory and technical support: Key responsibilities include (not limited to)

1. Advisory and technical support:

  • Support to Happy Home and AAB team in the strategic discussions and formulation of programmes and management operations, including work planning.
  • Provide technical support in managing all aspects of project design and management of project activities.
  • Ensure accountability in project planning, implementation, monitoring, reporting and evaluation.
  • Support, guide and provide input to assure results-based and rights-based programmes and ensure cooperation and coordination between AAB and Happy Home.
  • Support on fund raising through proposal writing and and ensure donor reporting.
  • Regularly assess annual work plans, monitor progress on the achievement of goals and targets, and present recommendations to assist in development planning.

2. Project implementation, management, monitoring and oversight:

  • Provide supervision and guidance to project staffs to ensure project activities, indicators for measuring goals and assessing results.
  • Monitor the progress of the project and take action / decision and/or provide timely support in maintaining day to day relations with Home In Charges (day & night).
  • Lead the process of gathering information and preparing progress report for internal and external audiences (Partner organization, AAB,DC Office, Donor’s etc).
  • Lead the process for the screening and verification of the girl’s enrollment and reintegration processes in Happy Home.
  • Ensure effective information flow, communication and coordination between Happy Home in contact with Partner Organisation, if any, and AAB’s Programme and Finance team
  • Maintain continuous home visit for networking and linkages with health service providers, vocational training & job providing organizations, law enforcing agencies, educational institutions, psycho social support providing institutes, City Corporations, house owner, local stakeholders, Home Management Committee etc.
  • Organise monthly coordination meetings with project staff for the smooth implementation of the project as well as planning and updating information in the Home (individual case file, reports, folders, pictures, stories, registers, charts etc.)
  • Ensure compliance of Child Protection Policy through project implementation and project staff.

3. Advocacy , Partnership Building and Coordination:

  • Maintain networking and communication with all government counterparts, development partners, forums, networks, civil society and private sectors.
  • Donor management while visiting the HH project.
  • Maintain coordination and collaboration within AAB and among key stakeholders to ensure effective integration with HH project.
  • Participate as a resource person in advocacy meetings, roundtables, training, workshops and other meetings related to Child Protection issues.

4. Financial and Knowledge Management:

  • Ensure results based management; results based budgeting and systematic quality assurance.
  • Provide technical support of financial management issues.
  • Monitoring financial dealings and procurement process of partners to ensure policy compliance.
  • Organize and conduct meetings, orientation and workshops for staff and stakeholders.
  • Ensure regular audit for effective financial management
  • Identify lessons learned and areas of improvements and future strategic development plan.
  • Manage the process of collecting and sharing Change Stories to build knowledge of stakeholders.

RelationshipsThis position reports to the Joint Project Manager of Happy Home and Shapla Kuri Home. S/he maintains a functional relationship with other strategic priorities and support units.  S/he retains a close working relationship with relevant project teams for accelerated and effective implementation of project/s and ensures horizontal integration with other programme. At national / local level, the incumbent will maintain relationship with relevant Government, Non Government Agencies and other stakeholders.

Required Educational Qualification and Experience Education: Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Social Sciences, Political Science, Child Development and Family Relationship, Gender and Development, Development Studies.


  • Minimum 5 years of experience in programme / project management and design is essential.
  • Experience in residential Home / Hostel management.
  • Experience in managing donor based projects.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet browsing.
  • Experience of working with GoB, Donor Agencies or reputed National NGOs will be preferred;

Languages: Fluency in English is required.

Required CompetenciesMutual respect: Recognise the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity.

Issue-based Awareness: Knowledge of a rights based approach and sound judgment to work with disadvantaged children.

Working in teams: Ability to work in a multicultural environment and to maintain effective working relations with people of different national and cultural backgrounds.

Communication and Information Sharing:Facilitate and encourage open communication and strive for effective communication.

Self-Management and Emotional Intelligence:Stay composed and positive even in difficult moments, handle tense situations with diplomacy and tact, and have a consistent behavior towards others.

Conflict Management:Address conflicts proactively acknowledging different feelings and views and directing energy towards a mutually acceptable solution.

Continuous Learning and Knowledge Sharing:Interested in learning and sharing of knowledge.

Appropriate and Transparent Decision Making:Demonstrate informed and transparent decision making.

Application instructionsOnly those who meet the above requirements are requested to apply following these instructions:Last date of application is Saturday, February 18, 2017.Please click HERE to submit your application. 

ActionAid Bangladesh aims to attract and select a diverse workforce ensuring equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, HIV status, class, ethnicity, disability, location and religion. Any personal persuasion/phone-call will result in disqualification of candidature.

ActionAid Bangladesh has a non-negotiable policy of ZERO TOLERANCE towards child abuse, exploitation and child labor and expects all employees to abide by the Child Protection Policy of ActionAid  Bangladesh.